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How to add vendor in QuickBooks using Excel?
almost 5 years ago

QuickBooks bookkeeping software accommodates solutions such as cloud security and applications to deal with your clients, merchants, customers, stock and funds. They suggest techniques for following parts of your business, including deals, salary, costs and general organization growth. These programming solutions are developed to manage costs, make solicitations and reports, track change requests and occupation status, oversee stock, clients, merchants and workers. In this article, we will be summarizing the process to set vendors in quickbooks. The method is basically designed by QuickBooks Customer Support but we will break it down into some simple steps.

Is there any need to set dealers in quickbooks online?

It automatically enters their bills, addresses, due date, etc directly from the vender’s profile. It keeps the record of your expenses according to the vendors by creating the reports of your expenditure on specific items that you bought from them.

Importing vendors using Excel or CSV file

  • Enter the Name, Phone Number, Email Address etc of the individual or the company that you are dealing with
  • Move to the Vendor Center and Select the option to Import vendors from the New Vendor section
    Now Click Browse Button from there and Find your Excel File
  • Import all the details from Your field to quickbooks in the “Map your filed section
  • After providing the record of all the dealers in the above section, Move to the Next Screen and Review the number and that you have entered the correct information in the correct fields.
  • Click on the Back option if you find something wrong and come back to the same page after you have rectified the data. Finally, Click Import once you are sure to Submit.
  • You will receive the message confirming that “vendors have been imported successfully

Later, if you need to add or remove entries, you have to follow a slightly different method. The process to edit the list is not that difficult but you can take help from our experts by calling at our QuickBooks Support Canada. You will not be disappointed as our advisors will suggest simple solutions for your queries.


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